Systems of control and protection of transport equipment

The system is an adapted microprocessor system and is intended for the control and protection of transport equipment - nori, conveyors and other units and mechanisms in cases where it is necessary to ensure continuous automatic control of the operating modes and the state of the equipment.
The system can work both autonomously and as part of the enterprise automation complex.

Depending on the purpose and configuration of the equipment to be controlled and protected, the system includes control and protection device PKZN-7, motion sensors, speed sensors, position sensors, fill sensors, jam sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, electrical current sensors, and others.

The system performs automatic monitoring of sensor status, multi-channel measurement of temperature and speed of drive movement, measurement of motor current and voltage, and in case of exceeding or falling below the set limits of controlled parameters, it provides an alarm warning. In case of reaching critical values, it disconnects the power supply to the power equipment. The limits of technological parameters can be set using the standard keyboard and display of the PKZN-7 device or through a network connection with a PC (PLC).

If the system is used to control and protect the grain noria, the system receives signals from four centering sensors mounted on the noria. Each sensor emits one pulse when passing each metal object (such as a bucket or a bolt) in the zone of its sensitivity. The controller compares the speed determined from these inputs to a setpoint (calibration speed) and activates an alarm or disables the noria motor if it differs from the calibration speed by a higher programmed percentage deviation. This tolerance is defined by the user. The digital speed display on the front panel of the system control unit can be scaled according to the programmed scaling factor.

Signals about the speed and centering from the buckets or belt bolts, the temperature of the bearings, the clogging of the outlet nozzle and the centering of the drum of the noria head, motor currents are analyzed by the PKZN-7 microcontroller and form an emergency warning alert and, in case of a critical exceedance, stop the noria.

The system also receives a signal from the engine starter, which initiates a programmable start timer. During start-up, the speed and current of the motor are monitored, and in the event that insufficient acceleration (for example, due to jamming) or a significant excess of the set current is detected, an emergency alert is generated and the circuit of the starting contactor is broken, which leads to the stop of the noria.

The PKZN-7 control and protection device is designed to control the condition of elevator transport equipment - nori and conveyors. The device is used as part of the Transport Equipment Control and Protection System.

The PKZN-7 control and protection device provides:

  • electrical power supply and signal reception of movement sensors, belt speed, position, filling, clogging, level, temperature, current;
  • display of data received from sensors and operating modes on the display; limit value settings;
  • issuance of emergency notifications;
  • disconnection of the power contactor switching line of the engine in the event of an emergency alarm;
  • data transfer to an external PC (PLC) for integration into the general process control system;
  • management of technological processes.
More details about the system in pdf format


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