Weighing complexes and dosing systems

Hopper scales

Many years of experience allow us to develop and implement hopper scales in port grain terminals for installation on the lines of receiving and shipping grain crops by water. The productivity of such scales is the subject of an order and varies, usually, in the range of 350 - 1500 tons per hour. Latches on hoppers can have a hydraulic or pneumatic drive.

The measuring and control module can have a different design, depending on the requirements. As a rule, it is equipped with a touch screen monitor with a diagonal of 10 inches, a custom set of keys, 4 separate inputs for connecting strain gauges and 4 universal discrete inputs and outputs.

To increase the reliability of weighing, hopper scales can be equipped with an auto-calibration system with built-in calibrated loads.

At the port grain terminals, there may be several receiving and releasing scales that can work autonomously, or combine into a system and perform the tasks of the weigh master in automatic mode. Therefore, the module is equipped with an interface for connecting to a computer network and performing tasks from the weight master application program.

At the request of the Customer, we fulfill the order for the supply of weighing equipment with built-in special software.


Design and manufacture of new hopper electromechanical scales:

  • With pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive of hopper shutters;
  • With an automatic calibration system and built-in calibration loads;
  • With an estimated productivity from 50 to 2000 tons/hour;
  • With an accuracy of weighing portions of bulk products of 0.1%.


Modernization of DN-500 and DN-1000 elevator electromechanical hopper scales:

  • Replacing the lever system with strain gauges;
  • Installation of an electromagnetic or pneumatic actuator of the trigger mechanism of the hopper flap;
  • Modernization of weighing electronics;
  • Delivery of the software of the automated workplace "Weighing".



Purpose of hopper scales

Scales are designed for weighing bulk products in a static mode and conducting accounting operations for the shipment of goods that have passed through the scales.


Technical solutions

  • The use of strain sensors, hydraulic and pneumatic drives of the world's leading manufacturers;
  • Block-modular construction of scales, which simplifies maintenance and operation of the equipment;
  • Installation of an automatic calibration system with standard loads;
  • The possibility of connecting an additional control panel, for example, for loaders;
  • Use of electronic access keys for setting up and managing scales in accordance with the rights granted to the owners of the keys.



  • Shipment of a given mass of product in set doses in automatic and semi-automatic modes;
  • Issuance of information about the current and total weight of the product that has passed through the scales and the number of shipped doses on the display of the weighing terminal and the local network;
  • The ability to quickly adjust the performance of scales and change the task of weighing doses;
  • Inclusion of scales in the system of quantitative and qualitative accounting of grain products at the enterprise.


Software functions of hopper scales:

  • Creation and management of weighing and shipping tasks;
  • Visualization of modes of operation of scales;
  • Adjustment of parameters of scales;
  • Formation of work reports;
  • Authorization and user login.


Weight controller SP-705

As a weighing and control device, at the request of the Customer, equipment of any manufacturer can be installed, however, our company offers a controller of its own production SP-705, which is sufficient to perform most tasks of the complex.


More information about the SP-705 weight controller

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