Development of specialized controllers

Noria control and protection device / transproter PKZN-7

The PKZN-7 control and protection device is designed to control the condition of elevator transport equipment - nori and conveyors. It is used as part of the System of control and protection of transport equipment.

What does it provide?

  • Electrical power supply and signal reception of movement sensors, belt speed, position, filling, clogging, level, temperature, current;
  • Display of data received from sensors and operating modes on the display; limit value settings;
  • Issuance of emergency notifications;
  • Breakage of the power contactor switching line of the engine in the event of an emergency alarm;
  • Data transfer to an external PC (PLC) for integration into the general process management system.

    The device has a self-monitoring function. At the same time, programmed parameter deviations in percentages are displayed on the display, and complete testing of external and internal signal circuits and tripping circuit is performed.

    In the basic version, the device has six galvanically isolated high-speed inputs for connecting discrete sensors of movement, speed, position, filling, clogging, level, one control input for turning on the power contactor of the electric motor and turning on the emergency notification, one output for turning off the power contactor of the electric motor, one port RS- 485 connection to a PC or PLC.

    Variant of the PKZN / VIT-7 device when ordering. The basic equipment can be expanded by installing boards that expand the functionality:

    • PTR-7pkzn thermometry board for working with temperature sensors of the PTC, NTC, Pt100 type;
    • P1W-7pkzn thermometry board for working with thermosensors type DS18B20;
    • PLC-7pkzn weighing board;
    • PKE-7pkzn engine current and voltage control board.

    The main technical characteristics of the device in the basic version:

    Power supply




    Supply voltage, V

    ~85 … 264

    18 … 28

    Consumed power, no more than, W



    Power supply frequency, Hz

    47 … 440


    Output voltage of the built-in power supply of external sensors, V



    The maximum output current of the built-in power supply of external sensors, mA



    High-speed entrances

    Number of entrances, pcs


    Maximum frequency of input pulses, Hz


    Minimum pulse duration, ms


    Input voltage, V

    18 … 28

    Maximum current of one input, mA


    Signal level of "logical unit" for constant voltage, V

    15 ... 27 (at least 4.5)

    The level of the "logical zero" signal for constant voltage, V

    0 ... 5 (no more than 1,5)

    Type of galvanic isolation


    Electrical durability of insulation, V


    Power contactor control input

    Voltage in the contactor control circuit



    Number of entrances, pcs


    Input current, mA




    Output destination

    Enable emergency notification

    Break in the control circuit of the power contactor

    Exit designation



    Number of outputs, pcs


    Output type

    Relay, dry contact type

    The maximum switching voltage, V


    Minimum switching voltage, V


    Rated current (Load power)    AC1





    16 A / 250 V AC

    3 A / 120 V 1,5 A / 240 V  (B300)

    750 W  (1-phase electric motor)

    16 A / 24 V DC 

    0,22 A / 120 V 0,1 A / 250 V  (R300)

    Minimum switching current, mA


    Minimum peak current, A


    Continuous current load, A


    Electrical and mechanical resource of cycles

    More than 10000 (20 A, 250 V AC, 85 °C)

    PC (PLC) communication interface

    Interface type


    Communication protocol

    ModBus RTU

    Data transfer format

    7 or 8 bits, parity

    Transmission speed, bit/s

    2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200

    Cable length, m, no more than

    1200 (KIPEV 1×2×0.6 TU 16.K99-008– 2001 or similar)

    Network address of the device

    1 … 32

    General Information

    The degree of protection of the housing according to DSTU ISO 14254–96


    Overall dimensions, mm

    190 х 190 х 55

    Weight, kg


    Terms of use

    Operating temperature, °С

    -10 … +50

    Storage temperature, °С

    -25 … +65

    Upper limit of relative air humidity at 25°С, %


    Atmospheric pressure, kPa

    80 … 110

    Height above sea level no more than, m



    Meets the requirements for resistance to interference in accordance with DSTU ISO R 51841 and DSTU ISO R 51522 for class A equipment

    Radiation level of radio interference

    Corresponds to the standards established for class B equipment according to DSTU ISO R 51318.22 (SISPR 22–97)

    Resistance to air electric discharge, kV

    ± 8


    More about the device:

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