Multi-cloud platform of the Internet of Things "SAKURA-IIoT"

Multi-cloud platform of the Internet of Things "SAKURA-IIoT"

  • A single information space
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The SAKURA-IIoT information and multicloud platform of the industrial Internet of Things unites all enterprise systems (operational, technological, logistical, financial, and others) into a single information space with a single database, thereby providing the owner and staff with access to all data that circulates in the system anywhere on the planet in real time.

A unified information space based on the SAKURA-IIoT platform provides comprehensive control and analysis of the enterprise's operational and technological processes, guarantees a reduction in the impact of the human factor and an increase in production efficiency and productivity. SAKURA-IIoT receives data both from the software and equipment of SCADA and data from third-party programs, such as accounting, for their analytical processing and visualization of the efficiency of internal processes.

SAKURA-IIoT is a high-level open-source Java platform designed for creating corporate information systems and applications. SAKURA-IIoT has a scalable modular architecture based on popular frameworks, is based on the Spring Framework and supports most of its functions. SAKURA-IIoTmodules, such as databases and application databases, are organized in the form of software containers, which provides the opportunity to integrate it into the cloud service chosen by the customer from leading global developers and use the functions of storage, backup, protection and data processing guaranteed by the services, as well as their computing capabilities. Depending on the scale of the System being deployed, the number of ARMs and the volume of data, it can be either a local PC or an enterprise server, or a service from the world's leading developers, such as Hetzner Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or other customer's choice.


SAKURA-IIoT - from chaos to system:


Advantages of the SAKURA-IIoT platform:

MODULARITY     The architecture of the platform allows the customer to choose the necessary modules and their content, as well as to include any module in the composition of another. This makes it possible to develop and implement each component of the system in stages and later to combine them into a single system.
The consumer receives basic modules and modules that maximally cover the issues of data collection, analysis and visualization. Visualization of analytical, statistical, comparative and refined data in the form of tables, graphs, charts is provided for each user.

SCALING     The platform allows you to create horizontally and vertically scalable solutions. Various   SAKURA-IIoT deployment options are supported, taking into account the planned application load and allowable downtime.

COMPATIBILITY     SAKURA-IIoT applications are compatible with popular databases, the platform supports almost all existing information and operational interfaces and data transfer protocols, which provides the possibility of organizing information exchange with any software products that work at the enterprise.


SAKURA-IIoTSAKURA-IIoT has a large set of ready-made forms, modules, tables, graphs, diagrams, and therefore setting up the system for the needs of the customer comes down to configuration and adaptation for a specific application and does not take a lot of time and resources.
Integrated technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML) provide the ability to automate the solution of analytical tasks based on the most accurate forecasts based on the most complete volume of data, helping business owners, analysts, marketers and other responsible employees to make the right decisions in their work.

SAKURA-IIoT works in any browser convenient for the customer on any operating system. To enter SAKURA-IIoT, it is enough to enter the Internet address in the appropriate menu of the browser. Access to SAKURA-IIoT is provided on the basis of a login and password. The configuration of SAKURA-IIoT windows and pages, access rights, personnel roles are determined at the stages of forming the technical task and configuring the system, however, personnel are given the opportunity to adapt the display of data in a form convenient for personal perception.

The workspace of information business systems based on the SAKURA-IIoT platform covers all stages of production and business processes of the holding (enterprise). According to the access rights, the consumer receives the necessary technological, financial, analytical information, developed specifically for him.
In this way, the user of SAKURA-IIoT receives in a single information space full control and analysis of business from raw materials to finished products, taking into account the costs of energy resources and administrative costs. At the same time, a significant part of the processes is automatically adjusted in accordance with the integrated algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to achieve maximum production productivity.


Main components of SAKURA-IIoT:

Information and analytical business systems deployed by INNOVINNPROM based on the SAKURA-IIoT platform have built-in elements of artificial intelligence and perform self-regulation functions to optimize financial costs by optimizing interconnected production and technological processes, reducing the role of the human factor.

The SAKURA platform includes the following analytical systems that provide control and management of all production and technological processes at industrial enterprises:

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