Grain crop sampling systems

Innovative telescopic probe

Often, when choosing a sampling system, grain growers have a problem that none of the models of samplers available on the market of Ukraine fit in the dimensions of the structures already installed at the enterprise. For example, at a grain-receiving enterprise, it is advisable to install a sampler in a weight room that is already covered with a roof, and the height of the roof is too low to install the sampler, and raising the roof requires significant financial costs.

Sometimes there is a need to take grain samples from the bodies of several cars or hopper cars, which are located one behind the other or on adjacent lines. In such situations, it is necessary to have several samplers or one highly mobile sampler with a compact probe. Currently, there are no such solutions on the market.

General designer Hryshchuk Yuriy, at the head of the company's design department, found a unique solution to the stated problems - an innovative telescopic zone was developed, which, when folded, has compact dimensions and is placed on a highly mobile carriage that moves in one or two horizontal planes. At the same time, the selected sample is accumulated in the hopper of the mobile unit and delivered to the laboratory by pneumatic highway or pneumatic mail.

Thanks to the fact that the telescopic probe has a long working stroke and is equipped with a rotating drill, guaranteed sampling to the bottom of the body of any car and hopper car is ensured.

The telescopic probe is a unique design development that is protected by an author's patent!

The main parameters of the probe:

Height in folded state, m 1,7
Height in extended state, m 4,7
Working stroke of the probe, m 3,0


The mobile unit with a telescopic probe is equipped with a hydrostation of probe opening and moving drives, pneumatic transport equipment, control systems based on the Shcneider Modicon high-performance PLC, radio control, wireless monitoring and adjustment, temperature regime support, video monitoring, security and notification.

Independently, without the operator's participation, scans car hatches, selects and accumulates samples, and delivers them to the points of shipment to the laboratory. In order to prevent accidents, the mobile unit provides sound and visual notification to staff about its movement and operating modes, thanks to mechanical and ultrasonic sensors it will immediately stop in case of an unexpected obstacle.

To provide configuration settings for the sample collection system, the system package includes a control and monitoring cabinet with a color touchscreen graphical panel, a video monitoring and recording kit, and primary and backup radio control sets.

The system operator can take samples without leaving the laboratory. At the same time, the movement of the moving modules of the system will be possible only in the absence of staff on the wagons / cars, otherwise the system will block the execution of any operations.


According to the decision of the experts of the 11th National Maritime Rating of Ukraine, based on the results of the work of water transport in 2017, the mobile unit of the SRMGP-3 "HOPPER" was awarded the "Engineering Achievement" commemorative sign.


Currently, the modification of the mobile unit on rechargeable batteries is being developed.





Presentation of the telescopic probe in ppts format.

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