The history of the company

The INNOVINNPROM company is best known for its innovative developments and hundreds of implementations of automated technological process management systems at enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. Since the day of its foundation in 1990, we have been steadily working on the automation of enterprises and agricultural holdings.

Having started with the creation of our own programmable logic controllers and their implementation at mills and feed mills, we gradually moved on to the creation of remote automated control systems for elevators, port grain terminals, and mills. This is a complex work with industrial objects - from the creation of a project to the delivery of equipment, from the manufacture of cabinets and the implementation of installation and commissioning works to the development of software and the introduction of the enterprise into industrial operation.

Our newest products are automated grain sampling systems from vehicle bodies and railway hopper cars. Our strategy in this direction is a rapid transition from the production of automated mechanisms to autonomous robots for grain sampling, to eliminate the human factor when conducting grain analyses.

Reporting on the period since the establishment of the company, we can clearly say: our main achievement is our creative, qualified, hardworking team. The company has automated 20 mills and feed mills, more than 60 elevators and port grain terminals, implemented almost 40 car and wagon samplers, installed many thermometric, tensometric, humidifying, measuring and controlling, information and other systems. We, as a company with history and traditions, are the most effective in the agricultural sector of Ukraine!


INNOVINNPROM LLC provides the following range of services:

  • Engineering of new and existing productions;
  • Creation of project documentation;
  • Development of design documentation;
  • Software development and adaptation;
  • Repair and adjustment of automation equipment and systems;
  • Development and manufacture of electronic equipment;
  • Design and implementation of technological process automation systems;
  • Design and implementation of power supply systems;
  • Design and implementation of lightning protection and grounding systems;
  • Design and implementation of lighting systems;
  • Supply and implementation of thermometry systems;
  • Design and implementation of grain accounting systems at the enterprise;
  • Design, manufacture and installation of automobile and railway grain sampling systems;
  • Design and implementation of weighing systems;
  • Design and implementation of grain moistening systems;
  • Assembly and installation of electric power cabinets and automation cabinets;
  • Design and installation of cable lines;
  • Design and installation of metal structures;
  • Training and certification of the Customer's personnel in production;
  • Performance of commissioning works;
  • Warranty, post-warranty and service.


Basic principles of activity of INNOVINNPROM

  • Individual creative approach;
  • Use of modern development tools;
  • Flexibility and convenience of setting up systems;
  • Fast and smooth implementation;
  • Warranty and service support.


Our products

Our main products are automated systems for various purposes:

  • ACS TP mills, elevators, feed mills;
  • Systems for remote monitoring of parameters of technological processes, multi-point temperature control in elevators;
  • Weighing and dosing systems for loose materials, grain;
  • Grain sampling systems from motor vehicles and hopper wagons;
  • Information software system SAKURA, focused on enterprises in the bakery industry.


Additional products: electronic devices and custom software, local control systems for technological units and lines. In general, from the point of view of a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of automation of enterprises in the grain-based food industry, we offer a fairly wide range of products.


Presentation on INNOVINNPROM products and solutions

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