Production of electrical products

Production of equipment for sampling systems

The company manufactures equipment for samplers of its own production and for systems of other manufacturers:

  • Production and installation of probes of various designs;
  • Manufacture and installation of blowers;
  • Production and installation of pneumatic equipment;
  • Production of specialized laboratory cabinets;
  • Production and installation of metal structures;
  • Production of mechanical units and aggregates for samplers;
  • Manufacturing and installation of sampler radio control equipment;
  • Production and installation of video surveillance equipment.


Production and installation of probes of various designs

Production of probes in accordance with the customer's requirements, in particular the following:

  • Cylindrical;
  • Cylindrical with toothed rack;
  • Cylindrical with a toothed rack and a rotating drill;
  • Telescopic;
  • Rectangular.

The customer determines the material, diameter, length, and mechanical components of the probe in accordance with technological needs.


Installation of sampler radio control equipment

When installing the radio control kit on the existing sampling system, the ergonomics and reliability of its operation are significantly increased.

The kit includes:

  • Main and backup control panels;
  • Radio receiving module;
  • Management and security controller.


Radio control equipment for crane systems certified for use in Ukraine is used as a radio command transmission kit.

In addition to the transmission of radio control commands, the control and safety controller provides new functions to prevent the simultaneous or violation of the sequence of execution of the sampler control commands, which before modernization led to the breakdown of the sampling system equipment.


Installation of video surveillance equipment

Video control equipment together with radio control provide the possibility of remote control of the sampler, for example, directly from the laboratory.

A set of such equipment includes:

  • Aiming video camera;
  • Surveillance video cameras;
  • Video recorder;
  • Monitor.


The aiming video camera is installed directly above the probe of the sampler and provides the ability to aim and control sampling from the body of a car or wagon. The video camera has a degree of protection of operating conditions not lower than IR-64 (outdoor version).

Surveillance video cameras are installed in sufficient quantity to cover the entire site and provide control over the movement of vehicles and staff.

The video recorder ensures the preservation of all video control data. The monitor is used as the main workplace of the sampler operator and provides a view of current information from all video cameras and saved information on the operation of the sampler. They are installed together in the grain laboratory.


Production of pneumatic transport equipment

The following equipment is manufactured:

  • Production and installation of modern economic blowers;
  • Production and installation of multifunctional laboratory cabinets;
  • Production of grain dividers and mixers;
  • Production and installation of pneumatic lines.


The models and power of blowers are chosen in accordance with the requirements of the pneumatic highway so that the regulatory requirements for compliance with the weed level are ensured.

Laboratory cabinets are designed on the basis of typical, time-tested solutions, individually according to the requirements of the Customer.


An example of practical application of radio control and video control systems

(Video file at the bottom of the page)

Video recording by the standard SRPEZ-3 "HOPPER" camera of the automatic selection of point samples of grain from the filling hatches of the covered railway car.

Passage of the mobile unit of the sampler to the right is an automatic, without the operator's participation, scanning of the wagon to determine the position of the wagon, the location, number and condition of the hatches for the system to determine the type of wagon.

Passage to the left - automatic, also without the operator's participation, sample selection with subsequent transportation to the laboratory.

The task of the operator is to press the "START" button on the radio remote control. All further operations of scanning, selection and transportation of samples to the laboratory are automatic. In the event of any problems, for example, detection of an unopened hatch, the appearance of a foreign object on the car, etc., the system will stop work by turning on an emergency sound and light warning.

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