Production automation

For more than 30 years, the INNOVINNPROM company has been a recognized leader in the market for the development of software and hardware complexes for the automation of technological processes in the agricultural industry.

We have proven our professionalism, won the trust of clients and the reputation of a reliable partner. Rich experience and individual approach allow us to create unique solutions for the most diverse customer requirements.

No engineering company of Ukraine can match the number of implemented projects. The portfolio of implementations includes full automation of about a hundred port, linear elevators, mills, sugar and compound feed factories in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, and the number of completed local automation tasks is measured in the hundreds and is approaching 1000.

INNOVINNPROM is the only company in Ukraine that offers the Customer a full range of software in accordance with the trends, technologies and requirements of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is not just a fashionable expression and a business card of technical "advancement", but an urgent need of today, which guarantees financial success, technological development, and real growth in production productivity. Industry 4.0 ensures the development and combination of automated production, data exchange and production technologies into a single self-regulating system with minimal human intervention in production processes.

The SAKURA-IIoTs multi-cloud IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform combines all processes at an agricultural enterprise, from monitoring the state of the sensor on the conveyor to the automated workplace of the holding manager, into a single information field. SAKURA-IIoT ensures full digitization of the enterprise at all stages of production.

Using the latest technological solutions of Industry 4.0, INNOVINNPROM significantly expands the capabilities of the software, gradually adding elements of artificial intelligence to the software products, which solve the task of comprehensive data collection and their further analysis in order to provide the user with a complete multidimensional picture of the real state of affairs at the production(s). SAKURA-IIoTs cloud cyber services monitor all physical processes at the enterprise (holding enterprises) and create their virtual copies, provide self-learning and self-adjustment of technological and production processes.

The predicted economic effect of implementing SAKURA at enterprises (holdings) varies between 15-18%.


Multicloud IIoT operating system for production management SAKURA INNOVINNPROM

SAKURA-IIoT provides horizontal integration of productions, suppliers and customers into a single information space and vertical integration of the following production systems:

At the holding level:

  1. EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) - compilation of production-related data from many sources and formation of reports in the form of tables and graphs for further analysis. Because data is combined from multiple sources, it has a structure and context that gives users quick access to the information they need, regardless of where it came from;
  2. APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) - planning and supply management.

At the enterprise level:

  1. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) - comprehensive control and management of product life cycles at grain processing enterprises, from the moment of receipt to the moment of sending to the customer, including control of its quantity and quality;
  2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - enterprise resource planning, automation and management of accounting, finance, production, formation and distribution of stocks, sales, supply, service, product quality assurance procedures;
  3. MES (Manufacturing execution systems) - solving the tasks of synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production output within the framework of production, activation of production capacities based on detailed post-operational production planning, tracking of production capacities, collection of information from ACS TP, tracking and control of quality parameters, establishment of relations between personnel and equipment within production, establishing relations between production and suppliers, consumers, engineering department, sales department and management, guaranteeing compliance with applicable legal acts;
  4. MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) - management of production processes:

      5. TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) - automation of technological processes from the level of drives to the level of human-machine interface systems, including the following systems:

At this level, the maximum technological operations rely on PLC (programmable logic controllers), for programming of which licensed software products of the world's leading manufacturers Schneider, Siemens, Wago, Omron, etc. are used.

All software products of the SAKURA system comply with the key principles of Industry 4.0, such as:

  • Interaction;
  • Virtualization;
  • Decentralization;
  • Real-time mode;
  • Orientation to current service;
  • Modularity.

Depending on the Customer's requirements regarding the number of automated workplaces and volumes of information circulating in the system, SAKURA  can be deployed both on the company's local servers and in cloud services of the Customer's choice, such as GoogleCloud, MicrosoftAzure, AmazonCloud, etc. In case of deployment of SAKURA on external cloud services, the System uses their cleaning capacities. At the same time, all software services and databases that will be available anywhere on the planet in accordance with the granted access rights are mixed into cloud services. All data is repeatedly backed up and protected by multi-level encryption.

The company provides a full range of automation services from design to commissioning.


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