Automation of compound feed production

The system of remote automated control of the compound feed plant (RACS-C) is intended for the automation of the processes of formation and execution of formulations, automatic dosing and mixing in given proportions of dry and liquid components at compound feed plants. The system provides automatic control of equipment operation, accounting for necessary technological delays, compliance with technological algorithms.

The use of RACS-C allows you to significantly increase the productivity of the compound feed plant and reduce economic losses due to the elimination of staff errors when working with the equipment and the reduction to a minimum of technological delays when turning on / off the equipment, reducing the reaction time of the system in the event of an emergency situation.

RACS-C provides accounting of the operation of each unit of equipment.

To support the operation of the implemented RACS-C, the INNOVINNPROM service support system has been implemented, which provides the possibility of prompt remote resolution of technological scheme modernization issues, software updates of all levels, overcoming emergency situations without the developer's representatives visiting the facility.


Structure of RACS-C

The following basic principles developed on the basis of many years of successful implementation experience are taken into account when building systems for remote automated control of a compound feed plant:

  • high system reliability;
  • system modularity;
  • repeatability during implementation;
  • the shortest terms of implementation;
  • ease of setup and maintenance.


Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) perform the functions of equipment management, control of its condition and processing of emergency situations.

PLC software uses typical algorithmic modules (functional blocks) for the main types of executive devices and typical control tasks. Therefore, when implementing an automation object, the programmer's task is reduced to the adaptation of the PLC software to the object's specific equipment by adjusting the existing functional blocks.

During the construction of RACS-C, the possibility of using up to 32 PLCs at the same time is envisaged. This architecture has a number of advantages compared to a classic single-processor system:

  • higher reliability of the system due to the distribution of the structure (territorially by WP, functionally by loading / unloading, type of storage, etc.);
  • there is practically no limit on the number of input / output channels;
  • the cost of the system is lower due to the reduction of the cost of the PLC and the reduction of labor costs for its programming (as a rule, a non-functionally saturated, easy-to-program PLC with minimally sufficient technical parameters is used).


The safety equipment includes frequency drives, soft starters of electric motors, circuit breakers, automatic switches, magnetic starters, control and protection relays, fuses, control buttons and push-button stations, cam and packet switches and switches, signal lamps, etc. to be installed both individually and in complete stations, panels and control panels for both separate machines and aggregates, as well as entire technological lines.

Typical connection and control schemes made in accordance with the requirements of the standards are used to connect the equipment.


RACS-C software

The software is designed to manage the technological processes of dosing and mixing of the compound feed plant and display on the screen of the operator's station in real time complete and reliable information about the progress of the technological process.
The use of the RACS-C software allows you to significantly increase the productivity of the compound feed plant by ensuring the possibility of simultaneous parallel operation of several mechanisms and devices.

The software allows service personnel to monitor the availability of components, select or create the necessary recipe for execution by the system, monitor the execution of the recipe and the state of the main equipment, and receive ready-made printed reports.

The simple and convenient interface of the program ensures effective and comfortable work with data, which, in turn, minimizes errors and inaccuracies. A basic level of user training is required to work with the UDS ACS TP software.

The software is made in accordance with the standards and recommendations for the development of modern software and works in the GNU / Linux OS environment.
Functions of the RACS-C software

  • Entering information on loading overweight hoppers
  • Selection, adjustment, creation and saving of compound feed recipes
  • Automatic calculation of the number and mass of weights
  • Parallel operation of weighing systems
  • Visualization of the progress of the technological process and the state of the equipment
  • Display of emergency situations
  • Formation of reports on the execution of recipes
  • Demarcation of access rights to technological settings and protection of data from unauthorized access
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