Design of elevators ACS TP

A difficult path - from geological and geodetic surveys through the master plan and working documentation to permit documents - this is what elevator design is all about. Experience shows that there are many ways to "bury money in the ground" and how to save money for the elevator business owner.

The construction part of the project is closely related to the technology and equipment of the selected supplier. The variety of foreign suppliers on the market provides a good opportunity to optimize the solution. The most economical solutions lie in the area of combining equipment from several manufacturers, including domestic - after all, not everything that is produced in our country is worse than imported. However, this path requires a particularly high qualification of the designer, coordinated work with suppliers, high-quality legal support of contractual relations.

Let's consider two more closely related parts of the elevator project - low-voltage electrical part and automation. Designers today have an extremely wide range of both electrical equipment and automation tools at their disposal. An experienced designer differentiates equipment into three price categories, rejects the lower one, which is usually not used in serious industrial enterprises, and ignores the "brand" one, where the price-quality ratio is not always rational. In this middle price range, you can find excellent solutions for reliability, service, guarantees, openness and friendliness of the supplier.

By performing the design of the electric power part and automation together, it is possible to achieve savings and minimize the costs of cable products due to the optimally distributed structure of the control system, due to the placement of controllers in the compartments of electric power cabinets. Indirect savings due to the extension of the service life of heavily loaded electric power units can be achieved by installing soft start devices or frequency drives, which is especially relevant for electric motors of bucket elevator, long belt and chain conveyors.

Conclusion: an additional hryvnia given to an experienced, creative and conscientious designer will return a hundredfold!


In the process of designing the ACS TP of the elevator, specialists of INNOVINNPROM develop all the pre-design and project documentation provided by state standards. Complex design of automated systems for managing technological processes of enterprises of the grain complex (design of the electric power and automatic part of the enterprise) includes the development of:

  • explanatory note
  • automation schemes
  • structural schemes
  • principle schemes
  • schemes of arrangement of sensors and executive mechanisms
  • connection schemes
  • layout diagrams of cable routes
  • cable magazines
  • assembly drawings of cabinets (panels, consoles) with equipment
  • specifications for automation equipment
  • working and operational documentation

In accordance with the created project documentation, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning works are carried out.

Several groups of developers participate in the design of ACS at the INNOVINNPROM enterprise, each of which unites specialists of various profiles and works on a certain functional part of the ACS. The main group is designers, system engineers and ACS operation specialists. Programmers of various qualifications, as well as specialists in technical means, work together with them.

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