Grain moistening systems

In the conditions of the modern market, when the number of grain suppliers has increased significantly, and the size of grain batches has decreased, when competition requires increased quality control of the initial product with significant fluctuations in the quality of grain at the entrance from batch to batch, it is necessary to consistently ensure the quality of flour.

One of the important issues is ensuring the proper accuracy of grain hydration. Fluctuations in the moisture content of the grain that enters the grain cleaner during one shift reaches significant values, and it is almost impossible to achieve the required level of grain moisture in the conditions of manual regulation of the water supply, the absence of rotameters and grain flow moisture meters. In addition, in cold conditioning schemes, where the amount of wetting required is often comparable to the error of the main wetting, grain clearance is required before the first shredding system.

Solving these problems is achieved by automating the grain moistening circuit. The INNOVINNPROM company, having extensive experience in the automation of technological processes at mills, offers a humidification circuit automation system that provides automation of the humidification process with the possibility of adjusting the permit time.

The implementation of an automated humidification system allows solving a number of tasks that are relevant for modern production:

  • increasing the output of high grade flour
  • exclusion of cases of overwetting of grain
  • reduction of wear and tear of equipment and prevention of "blockages"
  • displaying information about the progress of the technological process in real time


Composition of the system

The measuring controller produced by INNOVINNPROM ensures the calculation of the required amount of water based on the received measurement data and the operator's settings and manages the humidification circuit. The use of such a controller allows the humidification system to work both autonomously and as part of the control system of the entire object (MC is included in the network of controllers of the control system). INNOVINNPROM measuring controllers are used at dozens of facilities and have proven themselves as reliable and effective devices.

The grain moisture measurement in the flow is carried out immediately before the BSU in order to minimize the transport delay between the moisture measurement point and the place of water introduction, as well as the effect of grain drying during transportation.

To measure the consumption of grain, a UPC, modernized and equipped with strain gauges, or a new one manufactured by INNOVINNPROM is used.

The hydropanel is mounted in the form of a stand of measuring devices and executive mechanisms, on which are placed:

  • water flow meter
  • control valves
  • rotameters for manual mode
  • shut-off valves


Technical data of the system:

Productivity of grain flow, t/h
0,1 ... 10
Permissible error of grain flow measurement, %
± 0,5
Grain moisture measurement range, %
10 ... 25
The absolute error of grain moisture measurement is no more, %
Limits of regulation of water flow, l/h
40 ... 250
Limits of the relative error of water flow measurement:
with an average water consumption of 40 l/h, %
± 2
with an average water consumption of 250 l/h, %
± 1
Limits of permissible error of water flow regulation, %
± 3
Ambient air temperature, оС
+5 ... +50
Relative humidity, %
Parameters of the controlled liquid:
water temperature, оС
+5 ... +60
working water pressure at the inlet to the installation, MPa
0,1 ... 0,15
Mass, not more, kg


The principle of operation of the system

On the basis of information on the current consumption of grain, on its moisture content and the operator's setting on the required moisture content of the grain, the measuring controller forms control signals for the control valves. In this way, the flow of grain and water is regulated in order to achieve the specified moisture content.

In the process of adjustment, control of the extreme positions of the valves of the flaps of the devices for measuring and regulating the flow of grain, control of the permissible range of water flow is carried out.

The system can work independently, and can also be integrated into the general system of automated management. The possibility of manual adjustment is also provided.


System software

System software provides:

  • introduction and adjustment of settings and coefficients necessary for conducting the technological process
  • measurement of grain moisture values before BSU
  • measurement of grain and water consumption values
  • output of information about the set and current values of grain moisture, water and grain consumption
  • regulation of water flow
  • control of the permissible range of water flow
  • signaling in the event of emergency situations
  • generation of graphic reports on system operation

If the humidification system works as part of a single mill automation system, the control parameters are displayed in the central control room with the display of the humidification system screen on the general mnemonic diagram of the object


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